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Mission and Vision

Statement of Beliefs

We believe...

  • Social change must be sustainable; that is, it must create its own momentum to continue indefinitely once put into motion;
  • The beneficiaries of development must have leadership roles in its realization;
  • The end goal of development is not to educate but to empower individuals to educate themselves;
  • The basic structural unit of W/NP is a peer-to-peer partnership, not a patron and client hierarchy;
  • The partnership is a two-way relationship involving mutual planning and conduct of programs and projects;
  • Volunteers are Partners' main participants, resources, and reasons for being;
  • There should be equal participation at all levels of the Partners organization;
  • Our most valuable assets are the human resources of each country;
  • Partners should focus on improving the quality of life in each of our countries;
  • Partners' programs, to be truly effective in the long run, must benefit each side of the partnership equally.



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