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Appleton - Chinandega/Las Lagunas

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Appleton Contact:
Judy Miller

Linda Weber

Chinandega Contact:
Amadis Anduray
Las Lagunas Contact:
Reyna Sobalvarro


Appleton Winter Trip

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Trip Report - Chinandega

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Appleton is a city of about 70,000. Located on the Fox River it is part of a group of communities called the Fox Cities. Appleton is known for its paper industry and nearby dairy farms. The changing seasons make it possible for residents to enjoy winter and summer activities.



Chinandega, the capital of the department of Chinandega, is a city of about 120,000 inhabitants located about 80 miles northwest of Managua. It is about 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. The region around Chinandega produces mostly agricultural products, particularly oils, peanuts and sugarcane. The weather is hot and humid due to the tropical climate.



PartnershipAppleton/Chinandega Partners was founded in 1992. Since that time the Partnership has been involved with a number of projects to foster friendship, cultural understanding and economic assistance. In 2000, Centro de Costura Appleton, was constructed. This learning center offers a two-year INATEC certified sewing program. Two-way travel exchanges between Appleton and Chinandega have been beneficial to fire fighters, medical personnel and educators. In 2007, Appleton’s Mayor Tim Hanna made an official visit to Chinandega.
Appleton’s Mayor visits Chinandega

Learning Center Appleton









Las Lagunas

Las Lagunas is located in the mountains approximately 8 km. from Boaco, about an hour east of Managua. This active small rural community consists of approximately 120 families who have a strong desire to collaborate on projects and work together for a better future.



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