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Bluefields School of Reggae

It is undeniable that Bluefields, Nicaragua has strong cultural traditions. However, due to a turbulent history and a lack of resources, these traditions are being lost. The Bluefields School of Reggae pairs local, veteran songsters with young, talented Bluefields artists in a studio setting. Older musicians are employed as instructors, while younger musicians receive music classes free of charge. This program is designed to bridge the gap between generations, and to nurture the Bluefields traditional Maypole style while paving the way for a new Bluefields sound.

School of Reggae

To learn more about the Bluefields Sound System and their projects, click here to visit their website.Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Bluefields Sound System

Bluefields Album Cover


The Bluefields Sound System is a music and video production company dedicated to the preservation and promotion of indigenous and Creole culture from Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast.

To purchase a copy of the Bluefields School of Music CD, created by the first graduates and teachers of the Bluefields School Music by the Bluefields Sound System, visit our fundraising page.




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