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  • Agricultural and Natural Resources
    • Nicaraguan Agriculture- includes projects such as Farmer to Farmer, Poultry Project, Kitchen Gardening, Honey Production/Bee Keeping and more.
  • Education
    • Nicaragua is listed as the poorest Latin American country and the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Over 13% of Nicaraguans have never had any schooling. 45% of children drop out of school before the fifth grade. Volunteers in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua realized the seriousness of this situation and began activities that provide incentives for keeping children in school - whether primary school, high school or college.
  • Cultural Diversity
    • Fostering cross-cultural understanding is a principle goal of W/NP. Our primary focus is promoting international goodwill and understanding. Harnessing of volunteer power and serving as a bridge for technical and cultural exchange is one of the unique characteristics of W/NP. The people-to-people concepts promotes sustainability as each side of the partnership must take responsibility, respect their counterpart and understand the task to be done in order to accomplish their goals. Through these efforts, people from both cultures build a better world for their children and future generations.
  • Health
    • W/NP is making many efforts to give Nicaraguans better Health opportunities. In order to achieve this, we have many programs such as the Eye Glass Mission, Sunglass Project, Vitamin A Project, and more. Here you will be able to find out more about these projects.
  • Humanitarian Assistance
    • With approximately 70% of Nicaraguans living in extreme poverty (less than $2/day) and unemployment hovering around 60-75%, much of W/NP's program activity focuses on education and leadership training - providing skill building opportunities to improve vocational skills, community focused leadership and much needed humanitarian assistance for natural disasters. W/NP's policy is that we do not ship clothing, rather we ship sewing machines and supplies to teach how to make clothing. Our shipping program provides the needed resources to keep all the projects active and credible.
  • Sports
    • Recreational sport activities are a proven method to encourage physical, mental, and social development. Children who are actively involved maintain higher academics, develop team work skills and learn discipline. Participation in sport is a dynamic force that advocates principles of levels of government. the sports projects promote self determination selected Nicaraguan communities and support the fight against poverty by encouraging cooperative efforts among community members.
  • Women and Family
    • Collaboration and support the Wisconsin Assoc. for the Home and Community Education (HCE), UW-Extension, Altrusa, the Racine Dominicans, and the American Association of University Women have provide invaluable support for the W/NP Woman and Family activities in Nicaragua.

      Here, you will find out more information about programs such as Chica Nica doll dresses and learn more information about the Learning Centers.

  • Youth
    • Here you will discover more information about youth projects, such as Junior Partnerships and Youth Ambassadors.



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