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Shipping Project

The W/NP Warehouse

For many years, donations were stored in a variety places all around Wisconsin. In 2003 Sherin Bowen recognized the need to have a central location, Click here to watch the "Miracles Happen" video.The W/NP warehouse facilitates the gathering, storage, and shipment preparation of donations (hospital beds, health care equipment, sewing machines and supplies, student and teacher desks, backpacks, school supplies, sports equipment and emergency vehicles).

The Shipping Project is very labor intensive, each vital facet affects scores of people both in Wisconsin and Nicaragua and produces mutually positive impacts.

A vital mutual, and reciprocal relationship exists between WI and Nic, where people come to realize we need each other to achieve the outcomes that will ultimately affect thousands of people in need. Resources available to Nicaraguans are scarce, but it is with the cooperation of people in Wisconsin and the Funded Transportation program that we are able to share what we have to make the quality of life better for both sides, not just the Nicaraguans, but also people in Wisconsin whereby their involvement helps them to realize the value in reaching out to others and how much of a difference their involvement and efforts can make.


The focus of all W/NP projects is to improve quality of life for all involved. The items shipped are designated for the purpose of providing training and assisting where resources from the community are lacking. W/NP members work with their counterparts to determine project activities and then work to secure resources. The items are carefully monitored that they are used for the purpose they were sent, and are not sold for individual profit.

“WNP volunteers and all those on your mailing list, this is indeed fantastic news knowing some of the hurdles that have had to be overcome in the past. We know the challenges on this end of any shipment and they are tedious and provoking so when the WNP Managua staff accomplishes the near impossible task of encouraging everyone on the receiving end of a shipment to cooperate, they have demonstrated their professional skills to the highest degree and deserve our utmost esteem. Thanks for all your dedicated work on the Wisconsin end.”



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