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Woman's Softball Championship

Sunday, September 12th was the last day of the regular women’s league in Nicaragua. Next Sunday the champion series starts - the two best teams are going to play. The best players are picked from the other three teams so each team will have the best players participating. This is the first girl league in Nicaragua and Coach Martha Mondrago’s initiative. You will see in the pictures, their families and fans enjoying the game.

Sports Equipment Needed

W/NP has been supporting teams in various sports including baseball, softball, volleyball, football, ping pong, and basketball. It is never too late to donate your (still in goodPlaying Soccer condition) sports equipment. We have many sports equipment requests and our volunteers are happy to put them to good use. We enjoy seeing the team members wearing or using the sport equipment and uniforms donated. 

The Youth Sports Initiative

Thoughts from Nicaragua... "I will say that there are many nonprofit organizations that have started sports programs but they left and did not teach "how to fish" rather just "gave a fish". They like to start sport programs and make promises that will never be accomplished. W/NP sports exchanges and sports programs never made promises but instead W/NP provides opportunities that little by little will take a shape according a direction in the well-being of Nicaragua and Wisconsin citizens. Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners does not have many economic resources for exchanges and sports programs but W/NP would like to support youth and women as well and bring good opportunity for youth and women."

The Wisconsin/Nicaragua Chapter of Partners of the Americas has responded to the critical need for youth development through a variety of sports programs integrating activities that interest youth while promoting skills and education to create the civic leaders of tomorrow. The volunteers throughout Wisconsin and Nicaragua have worked together with sports exchanges for many years dating back to the 1980’s. More recently, in 2008 the POA Baseball program became a catalyst for major investments and advancements in the sports focus for the W/NP chapter. Nicaragua is a struggling nation that desperately needs the necessary tools and objectives that will create more capable and responsible leadership to fulfill its role in the global community. Our sports projects will meet the immediate needs of healthful youth development while strengthening community resources through building human capacity at all levels.

While incorporating our existing local resources in Wisconsin with the proposed Sports Initiatives, we will build, promote, and publicize the framework for leadership training and youth development. Our priority is to strengthen the youth sports infrastructure in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua. Utilizing teachers and physical performance professionals in both geographic areas, existing programs will be jointly examined as a means to introduce new opportunities for participation in youth sports among those who may not have previously been involved.



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