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Junior Partnerships

Young people from across Wisconsin and Nicaragua are getting organized and getting involved! The Fiesta Club at the Stevens Point Senior High has shown excellent leadership along with the PJ Jacobs and Ben Franklin Spanish classes in raising funds to purchase books for the Lending Libraries. The use of Facebook and electronic messaging has added yet another dimension that helps students to find new ways to stay in contact. Keep up the good work!

Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassadors for the Americas program brings outstanding high school students from Latin America to the US for a two week program are to influence the attitudes of young leaders by exposing them to new opportunities for understanding the United States, Prepare youth leaders to become involved and responsible citizens within their communities, and to create networks of hemispheric youth leaders that allow participants to continue exchange ideas and experiences.

"I think that the most important thing that we have learned up until now, besides the emotion and the happiness we have felt, is to look at these people as examples to follow them, giving our best, expressing our opinions, defending our beliefs, and improving everything that we think needs to be improved in our communities." 
- Alvaro Dávilan, Nicaraguan Youth Ambassador 2009

In 2010, Nicaraguan youth voiced their desire to host Wisconsin students traveling to Nicaragua to learn and share each others culture by living with a Nicaraguan student.

"One of the memories I will never forget is when my host family and I went to a rain forest. On Our way home we got stuck in the mud on a one way road. I still remember how the cars were piling up. Instead of getting angry, everyone helped. My host brother and cousin were knee deep in mud trying to get us out. I will always remember this because it was really funny. It was neat watching everyone around us working together to help. I wish I was still there. The experience of this trip will stay with me forever!"
- Erin Wysocki, 2010 Youth Exchange to Nicaragua



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