Scholarship Program

The popularity of the scholarship program continues to increase. W/NP scholarships have given young people from rural communities the chance to go to secondary school, to the university and to INATEC (training) programs. University and Secondary school scholarships are sponsored by Partner City activities, individual donors as well as collaborating organizations. With more than ten years of scholarships several students have graduated from high school. University students have received nursing, pharmacy and law degrees. INATEC courses have given young adults life skills in areas like computer, beauty and woodworking. The scholarship program coordinators set clear expectations for the students which include community service requirements. Scholarships impact individuals as well as families and communities. 

Scholarship Recipients


My name is Amelia. I am 22 years old and part of the Rainbow Youth Volunteer Team. I am studying Computer Information Systems and am currently enrolled in I the degree completion course which ends in December. I am very excited to soon reach one of my dreams and goals. I am so thankful to the people who have made the Rainbow scholarship program possible. All of the support I have received over the past five years has been of great help to me. As part of the Rainbow team, I have helped with several projects including the implementation of the Rosa Library as well has helping with the children’s programs. Currently, the Dulce Porvenir Learning Center has grown in such a way that I now help with administrative logistics at the center.


My name is Escarleth. I am 29 years old and started my English studies in 2016 at the University of UNAN-Managua. Thanks to the scholarship and support given to me these past five years, my life has changed. I have been able to develop my career and am currently giving English classes to the 5th and 6th graders in my community. I also currently volunteer with the organization and help unpack donations as well as helping with any needs at the second Sherin Bowen Children’s Library. It has been an amazing experience being able to practice what I’ve studied and to be part of the change happening in my community. I am infinitely grateful to my donor, Karla Strand, for all her support.


My name is Jordan. I am 23 years old and am currently in my fourth year of studying Agricultural Engineering at the University of National Agriculture (UNA) in Managua. I am very happy with all of the theoretical and practical knowledge I have gained throughout my time at the university. I believe this educational opportunity has helped me grow not only professionally, but as a person as well. I am actively participating in field work in order to further develop my studies. I am very excited and satisfied with everything I have learned. I hope to practice what I’ve learned in the near future by working within my country’s agriculture and help improve our quality of life. I am very thankful with all the people who have made this possible because not only am I reaching my own dreams, but I will also be able to help other people. I hope God blesses each person that has made this opportunity possible.


My name is Kevin. I am currently in the last semester of my International Relations and Foreign Trade studies. With much joy and pride, I am excited to soon accomplish one of my life goals. I am also currently writing my fist book, based on my own theories in leadership. I have had internships at several different countries’ embassies, and I know none of this could have been possible without God’s help and the support of all the good people who make the Rainbow scholarships possible. I have spent over 12 years working as a volunteer for different organizations who help our country by implementing different educational projects. Some of these projects include self-empowerment, food health, implementation of libraries, and many more. My objective is to always take advantage of my gained knowledge to help other people and to empower our communities. I hope to be an agent of change, as I love to serve others. One of my current goals is to be a source of support for many people.

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