Get Involved

Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of American is a seed of hope and progress. Through my experience of working with W/NP I have learned the great value of doing volunteer work. Giving back to the community is a generous work to do.

Juan Carlos Altamirano, Esteli Nic.

We can’t even begin to the process of providing aid to Nicaragua without all of you. Yes, you! Even if you are here for the first time…you!

There are so many opportunities to get involved in Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners. To be honest…probably too many. But, don’t feel overwhelmed. Pick one avenue that interests you.

Each and every route you can choose to get involved in our organization is impactful to continuing our mission of working to enhance the quality of life in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua through people-to-people programs promoting cultural awareness and sustainable community development.


Volunteers are the heart of our work. The endless hours of donated time are what make our program so strong. Check out all of our volunteer opportunities here.


No work in a non-profit can be done without donations. There are many ways you can contribute to W/NP. Click here to learn how.


Through our programming Nicaraguans are able to learn skills to support themselves and their families. Shop their handcrafted products here.


Become a member our organization. Check out these benefits here.