Membership Benefits

In addition to supporting the organization, W/NP membership entails certain privileges.  Members are eligible for a term on the Board of Directors and will also be added to the W/NP mailing list through which they will receive newsletters, notices of upcoming events, updates and excellent discounts on travel and hotels in Nicaragua.  

Please join us by becoming a member. Activities that make a difference involve commitments of time, expertise, and technical assistance to succeed. By sharing your abilities as a member, you will be rewarded with invaluable experiences that will contribute to personal and community growth. We strive for fairness and helping people along the way with the idea that they will be helping themselves.

It’s true that what we do here in Wisconsin gives purpose to our lives yet without the linkage with key persons in Nicaragua the fulfillment of each endeavor would be very different.  As a humanitarian organization we do change a lot of lives in Nicaragua but we also change lives for Wisconsin folks who get involved.

We invite you to join us in an experience that will change your life, especially if you are looking for more meaning in your daily life, if you want to make a difference in someone’s life or if you just want to do something different.     

The strength of the Partnership is in its members – everyday people, who willingly share their expertise and their networks.

Membership runs by the calendar year from January to December. 

Membership Renewal

Click on the button below and select the membership that you wish to sign up for.

Life- $500

Amigo- $100

Family- $40

Individual- $25

Student- $10