Sports Program

Sports Projects

The Wisconsin/Nicaragua Chapter of Partners of the Americas has responded to the critical need for youth development through a variety of sports programs integrating activities that interest youth while promoting skills and education to create the civic leaders of tomorrow.  The volunteers throughout Wisconsin and Nicaragua have worked together with sports exchanges for many years dating back to the 1980’s.  In 2008, the POA Baseball program became a catalyst for major investments and advancements in the sports focus for the W/NP chapter.   Nicaragua is a struggling nation that desperately needs the necessary tools and objectives that will create more capable and responsible leadership to fulfill its role in the global community.   Our sports projects will meet the immediate needs of healthful youth development while strengthening community resources through building human capacity at all levels.

While incorporating our existing local resources in Wisconsin with the current Sports Initiatives, we will build, promote, and publicize the framework for leadership training and youth development.


Our priority is to strengthen the youth sports infrastructure in both Wisconsin and Nicaragua. Utilizing teachers and physical performance professionals in both geographic areas, existing programs will be jointly examined as a means to introduce new opportunities for participation in youth sports among those who may not have previously been involved. 


Martha (white shirt) was a volunteer coordinator, sports teacher, member of the Nicaragua Hall of Fame, and was part of Nicaragua female softball national team for 17 years (1980-1997).   Sadly Martha passed away from breast cancer, but her legacy lives on and we continue to collect sports equipment for the leagues she started.

Thank you for your support in collecting sports equipment (baseball, football, soccer and basketball)